Rustam Al-shahi Salman

I lead the Research to Understand Stroke due to Haemorrhage (RUSH) programme, dedicated to improving the outcome for adults who have diseases that may cause, or have caused, intracranial haemorrhage. I joined the Edinburgh stroke research group in 1998 as an MRC clinical training fellow, progressing to MRC patient-oriented clinician scientist and senior clinical fellowships until 2016. Since becoming a professor of clinical neurology at the University of Edinburgh in August 2013, my research has increasingly focussed on methodologically rigorous randomised controlled trials of interventions to prevent and treat stroke due to intracranial haemorrhage. As an honorary consultant neurologist since 2006, I care for people with neurological conditions including stroke in-hours and out-of-hours, I audit their care, and I help undergraduate and postgraduate students to develop and address clinical uncertainties within the RUSH programme. My lived experience of clinical research has made me concerned about increasing the value of biomedical research by minimising waste, which led to me becoming one of the lead authors of The Lancet's 2014 Series on Increasing Value and Reducing Waste in Research ( and the related campaign ( However, the climate crisis is my greatest current concern.

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