Ashkan Shoamanesh

Dr. Shoamanesh is an Associate Professor of Medicine (Neurology) at McMaster University, where he holds the Marta and Owen Boris Chair in Stroke Research and Care, and the founding Director of the Hemorrhagic Stroke Research Program and a Scientist at the affiliated Population Health Research Institute. His clinical trials program is working on establishing new treatments and standards of care that prevent stroke and reduce stroke-related disability. He leads several national and international multicentre randomized trials as PI/Co-PI, including ENRICH-AF (NCT03950076), OCEANIC-STROKE (NCT05686070), SATURN-MRI (NCT03936361) and CoVasc-ICH (NCT05159219). He is the founding chair of the Canadian HEmorrhagic Stroke trIals InitiatiVE (CoHESIVE; and is lead author of the inaugural Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations on the Management of Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage. He additionally serves on the leadership teams of several public and industry funded randomized trials in the fields of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disease. His contributions to stroke research and leadership in the field have been recognized by several prominent international organizations, such as the European Stroke Conference (2014 Young Investigator Award), American Heart/Stroke Association (2015 Globus, 2019 Siekert and 2019 Dudley White Awards), Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (2019 Barnett Scholarship), American Academy of Neurology (2020 Pessin Prize), and World Stroke Organization (2020 Future Stroke Leaders Program).

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